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Flexible, Reliable, Convenient Payment Options No Matter Where You Are

To fuel growth around the globe, companies have sellers, contractors, claimants, and remote workers in multiple countries—oftentimes in places they don’t even have a presence. These distributed payees want payments quickly, sometimes instantly, in local currencies, via convenient methods. The i-payout platform is unmatched in global reach, flexibility, and speed.

Payments Made Easy

Simplified and Adaptable Payment Process

When your payees are paid quickly, in ways that are convenient, they are happier, motivated, and ultimately more productive. Our payout system makes it easy.

Payees access earned funds from a highly intuitive, user-friendly digital wallet  

You can set simple routines and rules for transactions— “set it and forget it”

Platform is available via web or mobile app

Access to 24/7 call center for help anytime, in the language you speak

Unmatched Flexibility and Convenience

Flexible, Convenient, Inexpensive Options Regardless of Location

As many as 60% of all global transactions use alternative payment options. For many, these alternatives are more accessible, convenient, and faster. Our system provides options and flexibility.

Up to 20 non-bank options to choose from depending on location

Dozens of options for payins

Rapid Transfers of Funds available with enabled auto-withdrawal

Minimal expenses for transactions


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