Loyalty, Rewards and Rebates

Optimize Your Disbursement Program.

Your customers expect to receive their rewards, refunds and rebates quickly and conveniently. If they don’t, you will be overburdened with complaints and customer service inquiries. i-payout enables large multinationals and retailers to send rewards, refunds and rebate payments around the world using low cost and easy to redeem withdrawal methods.


Optimize Your Disbursement Program

Seemless Brand Experience

Customers select preferred withdrawal method through a central portal that matches your look and feel

Flexibility to Customize for Your Needs

Restrict withdrawal options to suit your unique needs

Data Control and Comprehensive Reporting

Complete control of customer data via our Management Console and ability to run almost any report imaginable

Optimize Disbursement, Cashflow and Treasury Operations

Optimize funds disbursement by funding payments only after customer requests, positively impacting your cashflow and treasury operations


Global Payout Trends, Advances and Events


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