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Customization – It’s What We Do.
i-payout has occupied a special place in the fin/tech, alternative global payment sector for over 10 years. More than any of our competitors we depart from the one-size fits-all, minimal customization approach that you might be familiar with.
Sloppy suit
“Customization” – The Term is Often Used a Little Loosely In Our Industry.
Similar to a department store suit maker that sells off-the-rack suits and then “customizes” them by letting out a seam here or taking up a hem there – most of our competitors promise customization but deliver little more than minor alterations. And usually, the overall fit leaves a great deal to be desired.
More Than Anyone, We’ll Custom Tailor Your Solution.
Partner With A Solution Provider That Specializes in Customization
We’ll Shape Our Operational Deliverables To Your Needs.
i-payout is recognized for its unique ability to satisfy clients with individualized data flow designs, management protocols and reporting. We can support views of activity that stretch across your entire enterprise or in segments as you define them.
You’ll Have A True Partner.
You are going to receive personal attention from every level of our organization at every level of yours. Service providers that sell one-size-fits-all solutions often drag their feet or even disappear when it’s time for after the sale support. The kind of work we do requires ongoing attention. We will help you adapt, innovate and move continually toward greater efficiency and sales.
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