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page titleBuilt for speed
From initial planning to going live.
Fast Out of The Gate.
You have payment management needs and you want those needs met - sooner rather than later. You can count on us to move on that quickly. Our integration process leadership will be evident at every stage of your solution development.
That includes
Needs Assessment Customizing Your Solution Systems Integration
Testing Going Live Onboarding Participants Post-Integration Support
A Platform Built For Speed.

One of the reasons that our competitors won’t customize their deliverables for their clients to the extent that we will has to do with speed. Their platforms get bogged down as they add new processes and code to their system. We don’t have that problem – our system was designed for change.

Modular Architecture – It Makes Us Faster.
At i-payout, client data and client customization modules are partitioned outside the platform’s core. The core is where our transaction engine resides. This means we can create unique customizations and ‘bolt them on” – quickly. Just as important, one client’s customization does not create integration problems for another client’s customizations - because they reside in different places on our platform. It’s our built-in, speed and customization advantage.
Modular architecture
We’ve gotten clients up and running in just 72 hours.
To Be The Fastest & The Best.

We are constantly assessing our performance metrics and searching for new technologies and tools to upgrade our service. And, to make sure we get impartial performance assessments, we hire leading technology consultants to grade our system’s performance. We are continually working to increase our data throughput – it pays off for our clients. It’ll pay off for you, too.

Coming Soon – INSTANT PAY. Same day bank transfers. Now that’s fast.