API Documentation

As a growing business, your developer and IT team are tasked with ensuring proper functionalities, company integrations, upgrades and a lot more. Give them a break with our simple, flexible, robust API. Determine what type of integration you would like to have, test in the sandbox environment, and be ready to go within hours!

Batch Files

This option allows several business transactions to be uploaded into our system through files in CSV or Excel formats.

Single Entry

This option allows single or multiple transactions to be uploaded manually through our Management Console interface.

Full Automation

This option eliminates the need to manually upload business transactions, instead, the merchant’s transactions are reflected in real time through ‘behind the scenes’ API calls with our system.
Here you can find API documentation for different services that i-payout offers to its clients. Please contact i-payout for more details or custom solutions.

eWallet API integration guide v5.1
Main eWallet API
eWallet API integration guide v5.1.pdf – 300 kb

I-Payout eWallet webService v 4.11
A full eWallet API document for extended functionality.
I-Payout eWallet webService v 4.11.pdf – 754 kb

PHP JSON Examples
PHP – JSON Adapter examples of how to use eWallet API.
PHP_JSON_Examples.zip – 4 kb

.NET JSON Adapter Examples
C# – JSON Adapter examples of how to use eWallet API.
.NET_JSON_Adapter_Examples.zip – 6 kb

PHP Examples
PHP – HTTP Adapter examples of how to use eWallet API.
PHP_Examples.zip – 4 kb