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Seamless Blending With Backoffice Systems
We Deliver The Frictionless Integration That Others Can’t
i-payout employs a unique-to-the-industry software platform and engineering approach that enables us to smoothly integrate our payment solution to deliver the optimal solution for our clients’ transactional and payment management needs. Our competitive advantage flows from our uniquely adaptable software.
Formal Project Management Guided by P.M.I. Principles
Disciplined integration management is provided using best practice Project Management Institute protocols. We don’t wing it.
Here’s How You’ll Get What You Need
Our Onboard Service Team will lead your integration process. The process moves quickly with:
  • Needs Assessment: Formalize needs, objectives and the required tasks and timelines.
  • Design-Configuration: Identify and plan for the unique functionality you require.
  • Development: Begin programming for your custom requirements.
  • Testing: Fine tuning operational/compliance process & user interface functionality
  • Delivery: Send Production Credentials that provide full access to the system
  • Training: Comprehensive system orientation for management and customer service
  • Go Live & Ongoing Support: 24/7 multi-lingual support for you and your participants
Don’t Risk an Incomplete Integration
Let Us Help You Grow And Protect Your Enterprise
Integration excellence
Use our payment management system Immediately. Quick Start enables the “manual” use of our payment management software. Use it while full integration processes are underway.
Full integrations and automation. Provides the greatest savings in time & transaction expenses for your enterprise. This is the way to greater efficiencies that facilitate growth.